October Domestic Violence Awareness Month





Young Women Are Sacred Conference – Director, Caroline F. Antone
It is the vision of Caroline F. Antone that brings many young women of Arizona to attend, what now has become a yearly event, Young Women Are Sacred Conference.
The Southwest Indigenous Women’s Coalition along with the Fort Mojave Domestic Violence Program collaborates with Caroline, to provide this conference to our young women: to bring knowledge about growing up, healthy relationships, taking care of themselves, and having the cultural connection.
We value our young women and men, they are our next generation.
Next years Young Women Are Sacred Conference is scheduled for July 2017.
The Fort Mojave Indian Tribe’s Domestic Violence Program continues to work with compassion and commitment to end violence in their community, not only to end violence against Native women, but to children, men, youth and elders.
The Southwest Indigenous Women’s Coalition is honored to work collaboratively with their program and to have as part of SWIWC’s Council of Women, the director, Mary Howe.
For more information please visit: FMIT DV Program
Sex Traffcking is on the rise here in Arizona.  For the past year, The Southwest Indigenous Women’s Coalition has included Sex Trafficking training within our Regional trainings, presented to Arizona tribal communities.  This has been a heavy topic; SWIWC will continue to bring awareness to sex trafficking in future trainings to tribes.





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