The Southwest Indigenous Women’s Coalition (SWIWC)  was envisioned by several indigenous women in Arizona who joined as sisters to work to end violence  Violence against Native women in tribal communities.   SWIWC’s has been in existence since 2006, and is a non-profit statewide tribal coalition providing indirect services relating to training and technical assistance to most of the 22 tribes in Arizona.

The primary purpose of SWIWC is to increase capacity of Native women and Arizona Tribes to better respond and address domestic violence and sexual assault in their communities. 

SWIWC’s vision is to have safe indigenous communities. Our mission is to increase the capacity of indigenous communities to address and respond to violence through education, training, technical assistance, policy advocacy, and culturally sensitive supportive services. SWIWC is governed by our Governing Board and guided by our Native LGBTQ/2S Advisory Council in our work with the LGBTQ community. 

SWIWC recognizes and respects tribal sovereignty, traditional cultures, values and customs – therefore offers domestic violence and sexual assault responses, training, leadership, and strategies that are culturally appropriate and respectful to each unique, individual tribal community in Arizona. 

With limited funding, and to continue our work to end violence against Native women, children, and all our relations, we ask for support in donating to our program to continue our focus of training, technical assistance, increasing capacity for justice, safety and accountability, and also developing meaningful partnerships and relationships to other organizations who support our work.

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