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SWIWC membership is for those who are currently or are interested in supporting and participating in the movement to end domestic and sexual violence in Arizona’s tribal communities. By becoming a member, you will receive up-to-date information, access to trainings and conferences, the opportunity to request onsite training and/or technical assistance; and access to national initiatives working to create justice, safety, and healing for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, sex trafficking, stalking, and teen relationship violence (teen dating violence).

Current Members

Current membership represents individuals, tribal domestic and sexual violence programs, allies, and sister organizations. SWIWC appreciates and values its members and looks forward to sharing information, receiving feedback, and designing services to meet membership needs.

Tribal Leadership

SWIWC supports Arizona’s Tribal Leadership by communicating, educating, and informing them on issues relating to domestic and sexual violence. SWIWC regularly provides updates to tribal councils and conducts site visits with domestic and sexual violence program leadership and staff.

Tribal Consultation

Our Relatives

It is with peer-to-peer support from our Arizona relatives in the movement to end violence in tribal communities that SWIWC is afforded the gift to be more effective, impactful, meaningful, and culturally aware, sensitive, and competent in the services that are provided. SWIWC holds close and respects all who work to end violence in tribal communities.

  • Hopi-Tewa Women’s Coalition to End Abuse
  • Honwungsi Consulting
  • Southwest Center for Law & Policy
  • Inter-Tribal Council of Arizona, Inc.
  • I:MIG, LLC
  • Tate Topa Consulting

Sister Tribal Coalitions

SWIWC is one of nineteen (19) Tribal Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Coalitions located across Indian Country and Alaska. Each Tribal Coalition is unique in its services, service area, and tribal membership but similarly rooted in grass roots efforts, cultural ways, and in the commitment to serve tribal communities in the best and safest manner possible.

Tribal Coalitions
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