SWIWC American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Domestic & Sexual Violence Response

Purpose: SWIWC recognizes and intends to address the economic hardship and educational disparities in Tribal Communities by creating, in conjunction with Tribal Advocates, DV/SA Programs, Leaders and Community Health Workers a means to support survivors in a variety of ways.

PPE for Programs: This funding will support Tribal DV/SA programs in obtaining personal protective equipment available for staff and shelter residents/program participants.

Financial Assistance: In effort to address the economic hardships, SWIWC obtained funding to help with housing needs of survivors of DV/SA

Educational Disparities: Recognizing the educational disparities of Tribal Communities SWIWC has funding available for survivors with children to support their educational requirements

Community Healing Initiatives: For those families affected by the Pandemic we will support families by creating Circles of Support

Material Support for DV/SA Programs and Survivors

  • Cultural Care Packages
  • Advocate and Safety Care Packages
  • Survivor Safety Care Packages
  • Prevention Care Packages


Goals for the ARPA Program:

COVID-19 Mitigation/Prevention: Through training, technical assistance and community education support Tribes in preventing/mitigating the spread of the virus within Tribal communities

Address Economic Hardship & Educational Disparities:

  • Provide financial assistance to address the economic and health disparities within Tribal communities.
  • Provide survivors and their families with access to technology and equipment necessary for their youth to attend school virtually

Community Healing: Through community healing initiatives, provide support to survivors, families and communities grieving the loss of loved ones.


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